"It is with great joy that I'd like to commend Source Access as being such an integral part of Forever 21's global supply chain. Products big and small, were procured with the utmost care, detail and professionalism. The team is always a phone call or email away, and response times are always prompt with customer service being second to none. We look forward to many great things to come with Source Access as a trusted and valued partner as Forever 21 continues on its global expansion."

- Purchasing and Sourcing Department Manager
Forever21, Inc

Source Access Ltd. was founded in 2005 by partners born into generations of experienced manufacturers and with private ownership of top-notch factories.

As such, Source Access feels the urgency of helping companies not only with quality products but to also help break the "trust barrier" of products made in China.

With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Source Access is home to talent from the USA, Canada, Korea, China, Taiwan, and across the world.